Magreechan Cup and Trail Quest Update

admin   June 13, 2022   Comments Off on Magreechan Cup and Trail Quest Update

Unfortunately due to the ongoing roadworks on the Millisle-Ballywalter road we’ve had to cancel tomorrow night’s Magreechan Cup. The Magreechan Cup will now be awarded for the club 25 mile time trial on 19th July.

On a more positive note, we can now confirm that the Headquarters for next Tuesday’s Trail Quest will be at Castle Espie. The car park will be open from 6pm, with first rider/team setting off at 6.30pm, and refreshments at the end. No pre-entry required – but you do need at least a club license (just like for club runs).

Similar to our trail quest a couple of week’s ago, you’ll be given a map and some clues and you have to try and get round as many as possible in 90 minutes.

There were a couple of questions after the previous events which we’ve tried to answer here.

  1. What happens if I get round all the clues in under 90 minutes? Answer – Thanks for your question Barry. In the event of a tie on points, the rider/team with the lowest elapsed time wins.
  2. Will my 81″ fixed wheel be suitable? Answer – Thanks for your question Andrew. Probably not in this event as some of the terrain is quite hilly.
  3. What happens if there is a dispute about an answer? Answer – we try our best to make the clues and answers unambiguous, and we’ll consider any reasonable arguments, but ultimately the judges decision is final.
  4. Why are the lateness penalties so severe? Answer – well Lindsay…. we want to make sure everyone is back in time for refreshments 🙂 Also, if it had been just 1 point per minute, then someone going to Barry’s clue 11 last time (worth 70 points) could have taken an extra hour and still gained 10 points overall. We want to reward accurate map reading and time keeping, not stamina!

Get studying the maps, and see you on 21st..