Club Competitions

Ards Cycling Club runs a number of competitions for its members.

Some of the competitions are run on a handicap basis – these are designed to encourage new members, and to recognise improvement.

The rest are run on a scratch basis – these are designed to recognise our best performers in club competition.

Many of our top riders go on to compete successfully in open competitions against riders from other clubs. By this stage, the club competitions have largely done their job in helping to develop the rider, and success in open competition becomes the next goal in the “development ladder”.

The club has two basic types of competitions –

1. Club trophies. Competition for these typically takes place over a number of club events (e.g. all the club road races). For a full list of the trophies, and the rules for each one, click here.

2. Club medals. These are awarded based on a rider’s best performance during the year at each of the standard time trial distances of 5, 10 and 25 miles. The club has set standard times for bronze, silver and gold medals for different age categories, and for men and women. Beat the standard and you win the medal. There are also Super Gold standards, as an extra target for our fastest riders. For a table of the medal standards, click here.

The club trophies and medals are worked out annually, and presented at the club dinner at the end of the season.

Good luck!