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10k and Aftershock popular with riders

There was another great turn out for the straight in 10km time trial on the Portaferry Road this evening. The forecast was for sunshine and a tailwind, but it was blustery and cold, and Kirk Sloan’s club record of 12:07 always looked safe.

Fastest on the night was visitor David Hamilton (Curran Racing) with 12:45, and Ivan Robinson also dipped under 13 minutes with 12:54.

Gareth showed no ill effects after a 150 mile Giro club run at the weekend, taking first on handicap

This event counts towards the club’s 10k handicap cup. Biggest improvement on the night was Gareth Murray, who takes an early lead in this competition.

It was great to see so many members of Aftershock down tonight to encourage the riders and offer refreshments after the race. Their “act of random kindness” for a Christian Easter was much appreciated. Thank you, and come again anytime guys!

Riders and members of Aftershock at the finish

Here is the full result. Thanks as always to the timekeepers Ron and Bobby, and the pushers off Desi and John.

Place Name Club Time H’cap
1 David Hamilton Curran Racing 12:45
2 Ivan Robinson Ards CC 12:54
3 Robin Millar Ards CC 13:05
4 William Gill Ards CC 13:15 5 pts
5 Paul McMinn Ards CC 13:20
6= Richard Hanna Ards CC 13:49 7 pts
6= Paul McArthur NDCC 13:49
8 Gareth Murray Ards CC 13:50 10 pts
9 Geoff Brennan Ards CC 13:56
10 Shane Farren NDCC 14:09
11 Mark Thompson Curran Racing 14:13
12 John Brown Northern 14:22
13 Chris Lappin Ards CC 14:23
14 Richard Topping Ards CC 14:24
15 Mike Curran Curran Racing 14:27
16 Gary Gibson Dromara 14:28
17 David Williamson Velo Magasin 14:30
18 John Hunter NDCC 14:38
19= Chris Brown Ards CC 14:46
19= Paul Cunningham Ards CC 14:46
21 Michael Rowan Ards CC 14:47
22 Colin Wilson Ards CC 14:48 1 pt
23 Damian Kent Curran Racing 14:52
24 Gillian Orr NDCC 14:56
25 Alan Rogers Unattached 15:07
26 David McCann Ards CC 15:08
27 Stephen Cardy NDCC 15:09
28 Stanley Chamber NDCC 15:10
29 Andrew Evans Killinchy CC 15:11
30 Louise Togneri NDCC 15:39
31 Darren Colville Ards CC 15:42 2 pts
32 John Arlow Ards CC 16:03 3 pts
33 Colin Watson Ards CC 16:39
34 Linda Gawley NDCC 17:10
35 Amy McCann Ards CC 19:13



Aftershock at this Tuesday’s 10k

This week’s club time trial is a straight in 10k time trial on the Portaferry Road. Sign-on is in the car park at the play fields on the Portaferry Road in Newtownards, but the start is in Greyabbey, so please give yourself plenty of time.

A local group called Aftershock, supported by club member Jonny Frazer, will be at the finish with free refreshments, so please give them your support!

Another great turnout for Circuit Time Trial

Another great crowd. Thanks to Richard Hanna for stepping in to push off as well as racing!

Report from Dany -

News Flash Ards CC.. the club TT’s  comptition seems to become a popular training ground for our neighbourly clubs..with clubs as NDCC and Kilinchy CC, and now also Velo Cafe-magasin we have a mini County Down competition on hand!!29 last night (Comber TT) ..31 the week before(Donaghadee RD)..this guest riders are of course very helps the funds of the club and our status and profile is now one of * The place to test or race * Remember..Ards CC provided the first testing ground for World champion Martyn Irvine !! Last nights timekeepersRon Martin and Bobby had a another big entry to deal with, and provided us with the results many thanks two the loyal timekeepers, and also a thank you to David McVeigh Ards CC, and Belgian Project photographer ,who provided us with this great pictures ..David has the World Police and Fire games as photographer on his CV,and now also the Giro as official shot taker…see flickr for his work the results the pictures


Idyllic evening time trialling



Place Name Club Time  
1 Alan Patterson Killinchy CC 12:51
2 Robin Millar Ards CC 12:52
3 William Gill Ards CC 13:08
4 Mark Farrell North Down CC 13:09
5 Keith Hooks North Down CC 13:25
6 Gareth Murray Ards CC 13:35
7 Geoff Brennan Ards CC 13:36
8 Paul Crossen Killinchy CC 13:37
9 Paul McMinn Ards CC 13:41
10 Jody Wright Phoenix CC 13:46
11 Richard Topping Ards CC 13:47
12 Richard Hanna Ards CC 13:49
13 Chris Brown Ards CC 14:02
14 Michael Price Ards CC 14:04
15 Chris Lappin Ards CC 14:05
16 David Williamson Velo Cafe 14:06
17 William Orr Ards CC 14:27
18 David McCann Ards CC 14:32
19 John Hunter North Down CC 14:35
20 Phil Dorman Velo Cafe 14:46
21 Willy McMullan Ards CC 15:01
22 Paul Cunningham Ards CC 15:10
23 Martin Drennan Ards CC 15:12
24 Andrew Evans Killinchy CC 15:16
25 Jony Frazer Ards CC 15:22
26 Darren Colville Ards CC 15:35
27 Colin Wilson Ards CC 15:45
28 Alan Rodgers Unattached 15:57
29 John Arlow Ards CC 16:37

William Orr powers back along the old Ballygowan Road

This event counts towards the club’s circuit time trial’s trophy, which is calculated on a scratch basis, so Robin Millar takes an early lead in this competition.

Great start to the club racing season

There was a big turnout for the first club race of the season. 31 riders faced the timekeepers – more than double the number for the same event last year.

It was great to see several new faces in Ards CC jerseys, and also some new visitors from Killinchy CC.

Fastest man on the night, and the only rider to dip under the magical 25mph barrier, was the ever green William Gill. He takes an early lead in the club Best All Rounder competition. Can anyone stop him winning 6 trophies again this year?

This event also counts towards the 5 mile handicap trophy. Points are awarded to the riders who beat their previous personal bests by the biggest margins. Early leader in this competition is Darren Colville.

Place Name Club Time H’cap
1 William Gill Ards CC 11:46 5 pts
2 Robin Millar Ards CC 12:07
3 Paul McMinn Ards CC 12:09
4 Graeme Brown Ards CC 12:14
5 Alan Patterson Killinchy CC 12:21
6 Keith Hooks NDCC 12:25
7 Paul Crossen Killinchy CC 12:28
8 Paul McArthur NDCC 12:29
9 Steven Limmer Ards CC 12:37
10 Jack Anderson Ards CC 12:43 7 pts
11 Geoff Brennan Ards CC 12:47
12 Richard Hanna Ards CC 12:48 1 pt
13 Andrew Young NDCC 12:52
14 Richard Topping Ards CC 12:56
15 Michael Price Ards CC 12:59
16 Glenn Kinning Kinning 13:06
17 Ian Carson Ards CC 13:11 2 pts
18 John Hunter NDCC 13:19
19 Gareth Murray Ards CC 13:21 3 pts
20 David Williamson V 13:23
21 David McCann Ards CC 13:26
22 Willy McMullan Ards CC 13:31
23 Colin Wilson Ards CC 13:33
24 William Orr Ards CC 13:34
25 Chris Lappin Ards CC 13:37
26 Stanley Chambers NDCC 13:49
27 Darren Colville Ards CC 14:11 10 pts
28 Andrew Evans Killinchy CC 14:17
29 Alan Rodgers U/A 14:19
30 Louise Togneri NDCC 14:35
31 Gillian Orr NDCC 14:56

Club Races start this Tuesday

The Club Races start again on Tuesday 1st April with a 5 mile time trial on the Donaghadee Road. Follow the “Club Races” link on the menu bar above or click here to see the full calendar. This includes links to course descriptions. Results will also be added to the calendar in due course.

Club races count towards the Club trophies and Club medal scheme – click on the links to find out more.

These races are a great way to get started in cycle racing, or for more experienced riders to hone their skills. Why not plan your season now, and target a club trophy or medals? Good luck!

William Gill with one of his 6 trophies from 2013

William Gill with one of his 6 trophies from 2013


Frazer wins classic Decathlon B’Twin Tour of Ards

Frazer Duncan wins the 2014 Decathlon B’Twin Tour of Ards

Frazer Duncan (Dave Kane) won today’s Decathlon B’Twin Tour of Ards in a sprint from Daniel Stewart (Audi East Antrim) and Peter Hawkins (Madison Genesis) after 100km of tough racing around the Ards Peninsula.

A full field of 80 riders set off in dry conditions, but there was a cold westerly breeze. Fortunately the rain held off until after the finish.

Riders assemble at the race HQ

Riders assemble at the race HQ

The first real split was established as the riders reached the outside of the peninsula after 20 miles. A group of 7 riders were about 40 seconds clear of a chasing group by Ballyhalbert, with the main bunch a further 15 seconds back.

Frazer drives the break out of Abbacy Road

The tough Mountain Road/Loughdoo Road circuit at the bottom of the peninsula saw some further sorting out. As the riders headed north again for the finish, a group of 6 strong men had emerged – Frazer, Daniel, Peter, Ronan McLaughlin (Dig Deep), Conor McConvey (Baku) and the ever green Mark Kane (Dave Kane).

Mark Kane pushes the pace into Loughdoo Road

Mark attached coming out of Kircubbin, and held a good gap for 3 miles before being caught again. Next to have a go was Daniel, and he still held a small lead as the riders rounded the last corner onto the finishing straight. Only Frazer had the strength to get past him as they all raced for the line. Peter was third, followed by Ronan, Connor and Mark.

Marc Potts (CT Tomac) led in the chasing bunch 2 and a half minutes later, well clear of Brian Stewart (Phoenix CC) who took the first unplaced vet prize.

David McKnight (TVR) was 9th, and first unplaced second cat, with Luke Hyland (TVR) 13th and first unplaced third cat, and Evan Donaghue (Four Masters) 11th overall and first junior.

Ian Carson upheld local honour with the first unplaced Ards rider award, and Des Woods (Maryland Wheelers) won the most aggressive rider award.

First 3 overall

From left – Desi McIlwrath (club President), John Brown (representing the Brown family who presented the Tommy Brown memorial winners trophy), Peter Hawkins (3rd), Frazer Duncan (Winner), Daniel Stewart (3rd) and Jim Shannon (local MP)

Thanks to all the people who helped out on the day -

  1. The police, for an excellent job marshalling the event.
  2. The St.Johns Ambulance
  3. The commissaires, time keepers, judges, marshals, neutral service crews, drivers, barrier erectors, etc.
  4. The tea ladies for a great spread after the event.
  5. St Patrick’s for the loan of their hall
  6. And of course to Decathlon/B’Twin – our sponsor, for the great prize list and displays.


Place Rider Club Time
1 Frazer Duncan Dave Kane 2:36:57
2 Daniel Stewart Audi East Antrim CC 2:36:57
3 Peter Hawkins Madison Genesis (GB) 2:36:57
4 Ronan McLaughlin Dig Deep 2:36:57
5 Connor McConvey Baku 2:36:57
6 Mark Kane Dave Kane 2:36:57
7 Marc Potts CT Tomac (Belgium) 2:39:35
8 Brian Stewart Phoenix CC 2:39:35
9 David McKnight TVR 2:39:35
10 John Neill Team Madigan 2:39:35
11 Evan Donaghue Four Master 2:39:35
12 Damian Lagan North Pole Donegal 2:39:35
13 Luke Hyland TVR 2:39:35
14 David Neill Team Madigan 2:39:35
15 John McGlaughlin Cookstown CT 2:39:35
16 Greg McCauley Nicholas Roche Junior 2:39:35
17 William Loughridge Ballymena RC 2:39:35
18 Bobby Kane Bann Wheelers 2:39:35

Dave Kane team of Mark Kane, Frazer Duncan and Adam Armstrong

Final Start List for Tour of Ards (last updated 20/3)

Here’s the final start list for this year’s Decathlon B’Twin Tour of Ards. Please remember your number as this will speed up sign on. Good luck!


1 James Mc Master A1 NDCC
2 Ronan Mc Glaughlin A1 Dig Deep
3 Glenn Kinnings A1 Kinnings Cycle Trek
4 Peter Hawkins A* Madison Genesis GB
5 Bryan Mc Kinney A1 Ballymoney
6 Sean McFadden A2 Errigal CC
7 Rory Maguire JR Phoenix CC
8 Marc Potts A1 CT Tomacc Bel&omagh
9 Brian Stewart A1 Phoenix CC
10 Daniel Stewart A1 EACC
11 Gary Cranston A1 EACC
12 Mark Buchanan A1 North Pole Donegal
13 Mike millar A1 Phoenix CC
14 Liam Curran A1 Curran
15 Sam Craig A2 Curran Racing
16 James Ambrose A3 Curran Racing
17 Tommy Simmons A2 VC Glendale
18 Sean Mc Greevy A2 Velocafe Magasin
19 Joe Henry A3 Velocafe Magasin
20 Barry hamilton A3 NDCC
21 John Mc Glaughlin A3 Cookstown CT
22 Gordon Scott A3 EACC
23 Chris McCann A3 Dig Deep
24 William Loughridge A3 BRC
25 Drew Mc Kinley A2 Newry WH
26 William Larmour A1 EACC
27 Alistair Mc kee A3 EACC
28 David Watson A2 NDCC
29 Liam Dolan A2 Cuchalain CC
30 Paul ferguson A2 NDCC
31 Kenny Wilson A3 EACC
32 David Neill A2 Team Madigan
33 Bobby Kane A2 Bann Wheelers
34 Andrew Gregg A3 NDCC
35 Matty Blayney A1 NDCC
36 Michael Mc Mullan A3 NDCC
37 Rory Devlin A1 North Pole Donegal
38 Sean Featherstone A3 Newry Wheelers
39 Damian Lagan A2 North Pole Donegal
40 Patrick Whiters A3 West Tyrone
41 Paul Toner A3 Phoenix CC
42 Cliffort Grant A3 BRC
43 Matthew Brennan A3 BRC
44 George Graham A3jr BRC
45 Alex Donald A1 Phoenix CC
46 Nathan Mullan A3 Domara CC
47 Karl Taylor A3 BRC
48 Mark Downey A3 JR N. Roche Team
49 Ian Carson A3 Ards CC
50 Daniel Gordon A3 VC Iveagh
51 Colin Mc Elderry A3 Maryland
52 Neal O’Hagan A2 Duffin TRP
53 Steven Mc allister A1 Ballymoney
54 Ryan Patton A2 Ballymoney
55 Uel Cunningham A3 Ballymoney
56 Stuart Laverty A3 JR Ballymoney
57 Jude Sands A2 Newry Wheelers
58 Ryan Orr A3 JR Ballymoney
59 Ronan Sherman A3 Ballymoney
60 Marcel Kock A1 Phoenix CC
61 Mark Kane A2 Dave Kanes
62 Frazer Duncan A1 Dave Kanes
63 Connor McConvey A* Baku Pro CT(Kaz)
64 Gareth mc Kee A2 Banbridge
65 Cathal Mc Laughlin A3 Island Wh
66 Chris Beattie A1 BRC
67 Andrew Morrison A3 Maryland
68 Gareth Mc Cullough A2 Newry WH
69 Philip Bremner A1 Lakeland CC
70 Curtis Gilmore A3 Team madigan
71 Ronnie Smith A2 Dromara CC
72 Des Woods A1 Newry WH
73 John Neill A2 Team Madigan
74 Stuart Scott A2 Team Madigan
75 Cormac Clarke A1 Newry Wheelers
76 Conor Hanna A2 NDCC
77 David Mc Knight A2 TVR
78 Rodney Stewart A3 TVR
79 Ben Mc Comb A3 Team Madigan
80 Ali Macaulay A1 Phoenix CC


Tour of Ards – Latest from Dany

Dear friends in sport..please don’t send any more entry forms to Ards CC..we are completely full and already too many reserves..on the other hand we need more volunteers..a meeting is to be held in the Ards Leisure centre on Monday 10 march at 7.30 pm to allocate the jobs on hand.we will have 3 neutral services(with mechanics) and will restrict team cars ( 4 or more in team to get in the cavalcade) Drivers of team cars will need a 2014 licence of CI and need a passenger to answer the radios..£5.00 hire and £5.00 deposit needed, marshall meeting 10.15am (we provide the safety bibs)car draw 10.30 am ..reserve call 10.35am..roll out 11am ..regards ,Dany Blondeel race organiser in behalf of Ards CC
Here the official poster of the Decathlon-B’Twin Tour of Ards 2014 below
A thank you to the designers at decathlon for their help in the design of this great poster ( they will attend the meeting on Monday as observers, and will sponsor in full the video made on the day  by Jonny Collins Media Productions Strabane)

Tour of Ards Meeting on 10/3 (and a trivia question!)

A reminder that there will be a club meeting to discuss the Decathlon-B’Twin Tour of Ards on Monday 10th March at 7.30pm in Ards Leisure Centre. We need volunteers to marshall, drive officials, judge the finish and help with the teas, so all club members are asked to attend if possible.

If you can’t attend, please let Dany or any member of committee know if you will be able to help out on the day.

 And a trivia question – 3 riders who learnt  their trade as schoolboys with Ards CC have gone on to win the Tour of Ards. Can you name the riders, and the years when the won?? Here are a couple of pictures to help you…

Tour of Ards – Start List (Last updated 24/2 9pm)

The Tour of Ards has proved very popular this year, and entries are now closed. The full start list of 80 riders plus 6 reserves is given below.

1 James McMaster A1 NDCC
2 Ronan McGlaughlin A1 Dig Deep
3 Glenn Kinning A1 Kinnings Cycles Trek
4 Peter Hawkins A* Madigan –Genisis
5 Bryan McKinney A1 Ballymoney CC
6 Bryan McCrystal A1 Aqua Blue Cork
7 Damian Shaw A1 Aqua Blue Cork
8 Marc Potts A1 CT Tomacc. (Bel)
9 Brian Stewart A1 Phoenix CC
10 Daniel Stewart A1 EACC
11 Gary Cranston A1 EACC
12 Mark Buchanan A1 North Pole Donegal
13 Mike Millar A1 Phoenix CC
14 John Heverin A1 Clann Eirreann
15 Liam Curran A1 Curran Racing
16 Conor Hanna A2 NDCC
17 Matty Blayney A1 NDCC
18 Rory Devlin A1 North Pole Donegal
19 Gavin Mc Gowan A1 Dromara
20 Alex Donald A1 Phoenix CC
21 Aaron McGrady A1 Phoenix CC
22 Steven McAllister A1 Ballymoney CC
23 Frazer Duncan A1 Dave Kane
24 Marcel Kock A1 Phoenix CC (Ned)
25 Chris Beattie A1 BRC
26 Philip Bremner A1 Lakeland CC
27 Des Woods A1 Newry Wheelers
28 Cormac Clark A1 Newry Wh.
29 Gareth McKee A2 Banbridge CC
30 Sam Craig A2 Curran Racing
31 James Ambrose A3 Curran Racing
32 Tommy Simmons A2 VC Glendale
33 Sean McGreevy A2 Velocafe Magasin
34 Joe Henry A3 Velocafe Magasin
35 Barry Hamilton A3 NDCC
36 John McGlaughlin A3 Cookstown CT
37 Gordon Scott A3 EACC
38 Andrew Woodside A3 EACC
39 Wm. Loughbridge A3 BRC
40 Drew McKinley A2 Newry WH
41 David Watson A2 NDCC
42 Mark McKinley A3 Newry WH
43 Liam Dolan A2 Cuchalain
44 Phil Hoey A3 EACC
45 Kenny Wilson A3 EACC
46 David Neill A2 Team Madigan
47 Alistair McKee A3 EACC
48 Bobby Kane A2 Bann Wheelers
49 Andrew Gregg A1 NDCC
50 Michael McMullan A3 NDCC
51 John Boques A3 Phoenix CC
52 Damian Lagan A3 North Pole Donegal
53 Patrick Whiters A3 West Tyrone
54 Paul Toner A3 Phoenix CC
55 Cliffort Grant A3 BRC
56 Matthew Brennan A3 BRC
57 George Graham JR BRC
58 Nathan Mullan A3 Domara CC
59 Karl Taylor A3 BRC
60 Mark Downey JR N. Roche Dev.Team
61 Ian Carson A3 Ards CC
62 David McQuilken A3 BRC
63 Colin McElderry A3 Maryland
64 Neal O’Hagan A2 Duffin TRP
65 Ryan Patton A2 Ballymoney
66 Uel Cunningham A3 Ballymoney
67 Stuart Laverty JR Ballymoney
68 Mervyn Linton A3 Ballymoney
69 Ryan Orr JR Ballymoney
70 Ronan Sherman A3 Ballymoney
71 Simon Curry A3 Banbridge
72 Cathal McLaughlin A3 Island Wh
73 Andrew Morrison A3 Maryland
74 Gareth McCullough A2 Newry WH
75 Curtis Gilmore A3 Team Madigan
76 Ronnie Smith A2 Dromara CC
77 John Neill A2 Team Madigan
78 Stuart Scott A2 Team Madigan
79 Paul Ferguson A2 NDCC
80 Mark Kane A2 Dave Kane


1 Chris Mc Cann A3 Dig Deep
2 David Mc Knight A2 TVR
3 Rodney Stewart A3 TVR
4 Ben Mc Comb A3 Team Madigan
5 Ali Macauley A1 Phoenix CC
6 Sean McFadden A2 Errigal