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Book Review – The Race against the Stasi

admin   January 19, 2021   Comments Off on Book Review – The Race against the Stasi

Our latest book review heads east to the old Soviet state of the German Democratic Republic in the 1960s. Author Herbie Sykes starts by setting the scene – the way the GDR used sport to advance the wider cause of socialism and how the Peace Race grew to become the ultimate propaganda event (drawing larger crowds than the Tour de… Read more »

Trail Quest Answers

admin   January 12, 2021   Comments Off on Trail Quest Answers

A few weeks ago we published an article about Trail Quests, and a sample map and clues for you to try out. Hopefully some of you were able to give it a go over the Christmas holidays. We’ve shared the answers below, so look away now if you haven’t tried it yet 🙂 We’re currently putting together the club calendar for… Read more »

Review of the Year

admin   January 5, 2021   Comments Off on Review of the Year

In spite of the restrictions, Ards CC members still did a lot of cycling this year. Here are some of the highlights in 16 pictures. If you have any other memories you’d like to share, please email, or share them on Facebook. And if you’ve any ideas for other articles you’d like to see over the coming months – particularly things to try in… Read more »