Note – If you’ve not done any strenuous exercise for a while, consider getting a check up with your doctor first. Also, take care when training and sprinting on the public road, and always be aware of other road users.

This area of the website outlines some of the basic principles of training. It shows you how to set a goal, and then work towards achieving it.

It is not a comprehensive training manual. There are lots of other good sources of information that provide more detail. But hopefully there is enough here to set the context and to get you started. Over time, as you pick up other ideas and advice, you’ll be able to add them to the framework outlined here to develop and tailor your training plan to your specific needs.

Below is a list of links to short articles on various aspects of training. They build up to provide a basic training framework. As always, we welcome your comments and suggestions so please feel free to contact any member of committee.

Who is my coach?

Develop a love of cycling

Set a goal

Have a plan

Progression and Cycles

Building a base

Preparing for the road racing season

Reviewing your session


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