Who is our best master?

admin   October 6, 2020   Comments Off on Who is our best master?

In the world of bike racing, everyone from the age of 19 to 39 is classified as a senior and they race together. This seems to work quite well in terms of physical ability. For example, the top three is this year’s Tour de France were aged 21, 30 and 35. But when riders reach their 40s, although the competitive… Read more »

1. Fixed Wheel

admin   September 29, 2020   Comments Off on 1. Fixed Wheel

Some cycling activities may have been restricted this year, but there are still plenty of new things to try out. In the first of a new occasional series, this week we’re suggesting you might want to try a fixed wheel. Initially the idea might seem strange. There are no gears. You can’t even freewheel – you have to pedal all… Read more »

More success for Ards CC riders

admin   September 22, 2020   Comments Off on More success for Ards CC riders

Although there has only been limited racing over the last couple of months, the cycling world has managed to strike a successful balance between safety and excitement, culminating in one of the most enthralling editions of the Tour De France in years at the weekend. The local scene has also provided us with a much needed lift, with some great racing (not least our very… Read more »