Perfect night for rambling

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Tonight’s trail quest was great fun, with thirty competitors split across thirteen teams getting 90 minutes to look for clues in the mid-peninsula area. Conditions were perfect – warm sunshine and virtually no wind. Headquarters were at The Lane Coffee Hut who kindly opened late to accommodate us (and the club generously funded light refreshments – thank you 🙂 ).

Barry hard at work marking the exam papers.

Barry had set an excellent course, with riders having to make difficult choices about how many clues to aim for, while avoiding penalties for late return. There were also a couple of optional  “whites” (i.e. untarred shortcuts) thrown into the mix. Class!

Here are the results

Here’s a reminder of where the clues where

And here are the official answers…

Here are some pictures of the teams – I think I missed a couple, and I couldn’t match all the pictures to team names. To be honest, the priority was refreshments after our team skidded to a halt in the gravel…


Ruby Tuesday sets her focus on a hot chocolate..

The three busketeers

Give us cake

D&D – making the most of the quiet roads

We should be so lucky

Retro king (after he was told he’d scored 340, but before he was told about the 16 minutes of penalties…)

We’ve another trail quest on 21st June. If you enjoyed tonight, tell your friends – the more the merrier! Location will be confirmed nearer the time to minimise advance scouting of the area.
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Helios Duo

Helios Duo outside Ballyhemlin Church (1834)