Licence Registration Night – 6th February

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There will be a membership and licence registration night in Ards Leisure Centre on Thursday 6th February from 7.30pm to 9.30pm. This is the easiest way to apply for your licence and pay your club membership fee.
If you need a licence before hand you can pay your Ards CC membership fee to any of the committee members. Once paid you will be approved by the secretary Lindsay. Full membership is £15.00 and Supporting Membership is £1.00. Cycling Ireland licences are needed for all Ards CC activities such as Sat-Sun Spins(about £30.00)-Club races-Club TT’s ( about £60.00) or Open Road Races ( about £130.00) More information on the different licences is given below. Regards, Dany.
 1. Full open licence
 This licence costs €135 if you are in a club, and €165 if you are not in a club. This licence qualifies you for racing in any discipline (including offroad, bmx, TT etc) in Ireland. If you want to race overseas you can get overseas authorisation for an extra €20, and submit/upload a photo ID electronically. If you want to race on the road in open races, this is the type of licence you want. The categories you can select from are based on your ability, the highest being A+, which is reserved for those road riders who are on pro-teams (with the exception of female pro riders). A1 is the next highest category, then A2, the majority of the members are either A3 or A4 riders, with the A4 category being reserved for new members, and weaker/less experienced riders. Race distances vary depending on the category. In general, all riders taking out their first senior/veterans full competition license must take out an A4 license. Full competition licenses are also available to riders in the Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 age categories. For riders in the U12 & U14 categories, the cost is €5/£5 and for riders in the U16 category, the cost is €35/£29 for riders who are club members and €65/£54 for un-attached members. Riders who do not wish to take part in races but still wish to cycle may take out a leisure membership, eitherintroductory or non-competition instead of a full competition license.

2. Limited competition licence

This allows you to compete in all domestic competition except open road races. It replaces the Restricted licence choices and also covers Club Competition. In other words you may use a Limited Competition licence to compete in Track, BMX, Off-Road, Time-Trials, Hill-Climbs, Club Racing, Bicycle-polo and Artistic Cycling. This licence is not specific to one discipline, it covers them all. It does not include Open Road Racing. This licence is €70 if you are in a club and €100 if you are not in a club.
3. A leisure licence
This covers you while you are out training, on club spins, and while participating in leisure tours. This is available to existing Cycling Ireland members, so if you got an introductory licence last year, when you renew you get this licence for the same options. The fee is €35. This license type is also available to riders under the age of 10 (born on or after the 1st January 2004). This license will cost €5/£5. If you have never been a member of Cycling Ireland, and are not interested in racing you can select an “Introductory” licence for €20. This covers you while you are out training, on club spins, and while participating in leisure tours. Under 16s and Juniors can also take out this license type instead of a full competition license if they do not wish to compete.
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