Roller racing a hit with the kids!

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Many of you will know and love the roller racing at the club BBQ every year. Recently, we’ve taken the setup on tour to give more people a chance to try it out. First up, club chairman Desi got an invite from Movilla Abbey Church to take part in their annual fun day. Despite some torrential rain, we had a steady queue of volunteers. Club champion William Gill set the standard for the day with a 25 second lap.

A roller race under way!

Next up was a fund raising event for St Finian’s primary school in October. A remarkable 67 children took part, in spite of having to pay 50p a go, and many came back again and again to try and beat their time.

A young racer in St Pat’s hall

November saw us at St Patrick’s Annual Sale – this time 38 people took part.

Finally, we were at the Regent St. children’s party in December, where 28 people took part. The leader board is shown below. It’s worth checking out some of the times – fastest so far is 14 year old Ryan, whose time was 6 seconds faster than Mr Gill. And perhaps even more remarkable was 5 year old Ruby, who was only 4 seconds slower!

Results board – check out those times!

There is obviously a wealth of talent and interest in cycling out there. The big question for the club is what to do next. Perhaps something like the VC Glendale Imps programme might be worth considering.

At the recent club AGM, the committee was asked to consider what to spend some of its money on. Perhaps underage recruitment is one promising option…

In the meantime, if you know of any opportunities for us to run further roller racing events, please let any member of committee know.