Trail Quest Answers

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A few weeks ago we published an article about Trail Quests, and a sample map and clues for you to try out. Hopefully some of you were able to give it a go over the Christmas holidays. We’ve shared the answers below, so look away now if you haven’t tried it yet 🙂

We’re currently putting together the club calendar for 2021, and are planning to include a Trail Quest in August. Looking forward to it already!


And the answers are…


1. What is the penalty for leaving the gate open at no. 12? Answer – Forty Shillings.


2. How many castlettes on the lookout at the path end? Answer 4


3. What should you be cautious for at 20 The Beeches? Answer – Children and animals


4. What is the name of house number 50? Answer – Ballydrain House


5. What colour is the letter box at number 18? Answer – Green


6. When was Ballydrain Harrier & Athletic established? Answer – 1932


7. According to the big grave stone on the left, how old was Joseph Snowden when he died in 1799? Answer – 83 Years.


8. What is the telephone number of the phone box? Answer – 02897541312 (but we’d forgive you for not risking closer inspection…)


9. How much did DCC pay for the LV Petrel in 1968? Answer – £2049.50 (according to the information board)


10. What number is the Private Lane? Answer – 23


11. Who were the causeway walls built in memory of? Answer – Robert Ardill.


12. What Townland is this end of Castle Espie Road in? Answer – Lisbane TD (the other end is in Castle Espie TD).


13. What year was Rev. John Livingston born? Answer – 1603.


14. How many cows in the garden of 13 Cuan Farm? Answer – 2.

Anything over 200 is a good score. I don’t thing it is quite possible to get round them all in 90 minutes if you’re also noting down answers, so the skill is in deciding which ones to skip…