Strava Art

admin   May 19, 2020   Comments Off on Strava Art

One of the areas highlighted in our club development plan, published a few weeks ago, was youth cycling. We’ve now had a suggestion that a great cycling activity for kids (and riders of all ages) is “strava art”, where the route you follow draws a picture on a map.

Here’s a great example of local strava art – a swordfish based around Comber.

Strava Art involves planning and map reading skills, as well as riding your bike. There are lots of amazing examples on the internet, covering big distances and detailed pictures, but it is relatively easy to draw a basic picture quite quickly on roads close to home. The swordfish above is only about 5 miles, and can be completed in half an hour.

Here’s another example that we shared last year, based in Newtownards. Again, it’s only about 5 miles.

A good place to look for inspiration is the “Ards CC on Strava” section of this website (bottom left). Check out the routes, and see what pictures come to mind. Maybe a couple of small tweaks and you could create a master piece! There was a great abstract view of Mal McKechnie’s brain a couple of months ago, when he rode over 20 miles within a one mile radius of his house in Bangor 🙂

Maybe that’s enough ideas for this week… Why not give it a go? And do share your results.