I Spy book of Cycling

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With no club race reports to post on a Tuesday night, we’re trying to bring you a variety of other cycling related articles and activities to try. They might be a bit hit and miss so bear with us 🙂

Who remembers the “I Spy” books from the 1970s and 1980s? The classic I Spy book of the Car suggested various things to see while driving around, awarding points for each one. You might get 10 points for seeing a Ford Cortina, or 100 points for a Ferrari.

This idea can easily be extended to your daily exercise cycle. Here are some suggestions for animals you might see at this time of year.

Sheep – just about everywhere you look at the moment. 5 points
Lamb – lots of these around too, but a bonus 10 points if you see an undocked one 15 points
Cows – another easy one, especially as we’ve got a milk factory in Kiltonga 5 points
A bull. The tracker sprinters of the cycling world 15 points
Lama. There are several within a 4 mile radius of Conway Square 20 points
Horse. Another ubiquitous one 5 points (horse) 15 points (foal)
Shetland pony, or other miniature breed 20 points
Pig. Not as common outdoors as they used to be. 15 points
Rare bread pig. Actually, not so rare these days… 15 points
Rabbit 10 points
Badger. Often seen dead, but if you’re out early you occasionally see them running home after a night time hunting trip 10 points (dead)

40 points (alive)

Squirrel. Greys are common, but you can occasionally glimpse a red. 15 points (grey)

50 points (red)

Deer. Not as shy as they used to be – I saw 4 on the Tullynagardy Road last week. 30 points
And a couple for when the lock down eases…  
Bear. Normally they hide from humans, but fast quiet MTB riders can catch them unawares. Scary! 100 points
Gibraltar Monkey. Another scary one – and very confident. Keep your distance 70 points
 <No Photo…> Snakes. Often seen dead at the side of the road in the US. Bonus points if you accidentally ride over a live one. And live. 50 points (dead)

100 points

(live rattler)

Camel. Another Alan Coffey photo, of a camel grazing at the side of the road in Morocco 60 points