Club Race Nostalgia…

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It should have been the first club time trial of the 2020 season tonight, but that’s not been possible. To help fill the gap, here’s a little bit of history about the club 25 mile time trial trophy.

The “Burrows Perpetual Cup” was presented to the club by Addie Burrows Jnr in 1956. From 1956 until 1971 it was awarded for 50 mile time trials. There was then a gap of 7 years. When club racing picked up again in the late 1970s, it was re-purposed as the club 25 mile handicap cup, and it has been used for this ever since.

The full list of winners is listed below. It is fascinating to scan down the list and see many familiar names.

Stephen Barclay – pictured in the mid-90s by Jim Lavery. Stephen won the 25 cup in 1997, and it was great to see him back “enjoying” our Sunday club runs over the winter.

Another picture from the ’90s unearthed recently by Mike McConaghy – former club coach Gary McGrath who won the trophy in 1986

Hopefully we’ll be able to run some races later in the season, and add another name to the list this year. In the mean time, stay safe out there.


Year Winner
2019 Barry Mitchell
2018 Barry Mitchell
2017 Niall Brown
2016 William Gill, Josh Porter, Colin Wilson
2015 Colin Wilson
2014 Robin Millar
2013 William Orr
2012 James McFarlane
2011 Gareth Murray
2010 Willie McMullan
2009 Robin Millar
2008 Hannah Francis
2007 David McCann
2006 Gareth Crothers, Michael Rowan
2005 Clive Bailie
2004 Michael Rowan
2003 Billy Kirk
2002 Colin Wilson
2001 Colin Wilson
2000 Franz Hoeritzauer
1999 George Young
1998 Chris White
1997 Chris White, Stephen Barclay
1995 George Young
1994 Kerry McCoy
1993 Russell Moreland, Peter O’Sullivan
1992 Gary McKie
1991 Lynn Patton
1990 Rory McKee
1989 Paul Robinson
1988 Alastair Martin
1987 Ian Dunn
1986 Gary McGrath
1985 Lee Hedley
1984 Norman Greer
1983 Alan Coffey
1982 Andrew Doggart
1981 Stephen Dunn
1979 Alastair Martin
1971 B. Bibby
1969 J. Wright
1968 B. McNally
1967 T. McLaughlin
1966 R. Benson
1964 Ian Bell
1962 A White
1961 S. Gourley
1960 W. Kirk
1959 E. Crawford
1958 J. Carlin, E. Crawford
1957 N. Gault
1956 G. Fitzsimmons