2-up Straight in 10k

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Tonight’s club race was a two up 10k on the Portaferry. Ards CC has run numerous two up time trials over the years. They are a great chance for riders to learn how to work together, improving bike handling skills and sharing the work load. It’s also a chance for riders to go¬†faster than they might go individually.

Fastest on the night was the pairing of Willy Gill and Graeme Brown – their 14:16 was quick given the niggly side/head wind. Fastest mixed pairing were the husband and wife team of William and Gillian Orr.

Winners Willy and Graeme

William and Gillian







Name Club Time
1 Willy Gill & Graeme Brown Ards CC 14:16
2 Darren McWilliams & Mark Hodgins North Down 15:02
3 Andrew Jess & Richard Hanna Ards CC 15:17
4 William & Gillian Orr Ards &ND 15:37
5 Alan Rodgers & Colin Wilson Ards CC 16:19
6 Simon Turner & Michael Riddell North Down 16:24

Robin Millar (14:31) and Niall Brown (15:28) also rode individually.