Richard Top at Orlock

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Richard Topping (Ards CC) just pipped Stephen Watty, Mark Thompson and Johnny Webb (all North Down) to take the win in tonight’s club road race at Orlock.

A blur of action at the finish – Richard just gets it from Stephen (nearest camera), Mark (furtherest from camera) and Johnny.

Given the recent unseasonal weather it was great to see 31 riders sign on tonight. The timekeepers split them into three groups, with 5 minutes from the front group to the middle markers, and a further 2 and a half minutes back to scratch.

With two road races under their belts, the front and middle groups worked well together, with scratch gaining just a few seconds in the first couple of laps. On the third lap, the middle group split under the pressure, with 6 riders getting clear. They caught and passed the front group with a lap to go, and sprinted out the finish, with Paul McMinn (Ards) and Peter Doggart (North Down) finishes just behind the leading four.

Conn Russell applies the pressure with 2 laps to go













The front group managed to hang on to sprint it out for the remaining Ards CC road race trophy points, with comeback rider Mark Brown taking third Ards rider and showing that a 20 year gap hasn’t dulled his speed. Alex and Joshua Porter were next, with Conn Russell completing the first six and getting his first point on the score board.

The remnants of scratch followed, with Mark Kane (Northern) leading them in to claim the fastest time on the night.

The overall battle for the Road Race trophy has tightened up again, with Richard Topping and Paul McMinn sharing the lead on 17 points and Wayne Garrett just two points behind.

Place Name 28/4 12/5 2/6 30/6 28/7 18/8 Total
1= Paul McMinn 10 7 17
1= Richard Topping 7 10 17
3 Wayne Garrett 5 10 15
4 Robin Wilson 7 7
5= David McCamley 5 5
5= Mark Brown 5 5
7 Alex Porter 1 3 4
8= Barry Mitchell 3 3
8= Darren Tombs 3 3
10= Peter Scott 2 2
10= Geoff Brennan 2 2
10= Joshua Porter 2 2
13= Gareth Murray 1 1
13= Conn Russell 1 1

Thanks as always to the marshals, and the timekeepers/handicappers/judges.

And finally – it’s the Portaferry and Back time trial next week for the Magreechan Cup. This is a unique event, and well worth a go!