Peter retains his lead

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Despite having a reputation for being a tougher course than Carrowdore, twenty five riders entered tonight’s second club road race over five laps of the Orlock circuit. The time keepers decided on a slightly shorter handicap than the first race, giving the limit bunch three and half minutes on the middle group, with the smaller scratch group a further one and a half minutes back.

All groups were working well, but by the third lap the gaps were starting to close, and scratch had the middle group in their sights. With two to go, James Alexander (McConvey) was clear of the limit group, and a lap later he had extended his lead. But behind, scratch had ripped through the second group and were closing in on the front group.

Peter McLean made it all the way to the front to take a well deserved win. James hung on to take second place ahead of the next scratch rider, Luke Joyce (Bike House). Michael Rowan (Northern), Rachel Irvine (Bike House) and Tom Henry (North Down) were next, completing a diverse top six.

Name Club Ards points
1 Peter McLean Ards CC 10
2 James Alexander McConvey
3 Luke Joyce Bikehouse
4 Michael Rowan Northern
5 Rachel Irvine Bike House
6 Tom Henry North Down
7 Edward Kearney Phoenix
8 Amelia Tyler McConvey
9 Aaron Fagan Unattached
10 Andrew McCullough Ards CC 7
11 Kirk Sloan Ards CC 5
12 Jonathon Taylor North Down
13 Ben Healey Ards CC 3
14 Johnny Webb North Down
15 Ross Blayney North Down
16 Ian Carson Ards CC 2
17 Glen Curry Ards CC 1

In the battle for the Ards CC Road Race Trophy, Peter extended his lead and now looks in a very strong position. Come back rider Kirk Sloan brought his mum down for support tonight, and is now up to second overall, just ahead of Andrew McCullough and Conor Hanna.

   Name 1/6 Carrowdore 13/7 Orlock 27/7 Carrowdore 17/8 Orlock Total
1 Peter McLean 10 10   20
2 Kirk Sloan 3 5   8
3= Andrew McCullough   7     7
3= Conor Hanna 7   7
5 Phil Doyle 5   5
6 Ben Healey 1 3     4
7= Barry Mitchell 2   2
7= Ian Carson 2   2
9 Glen Curry   1     1

Thanks to all the marshals and judges this evening. It takes a lot more effort to organise a road race, but we love ’em 🙂