Club AGM

admin   December 12, 2013   Comments Off on Club AGM

It was great to see a good turnout and some lively debate at the club Annual General Meeting yesterday evening. Thanks to all who contributed.

There are a couple of changes in the Club Committee. William Gill stood down as treasurer due to work commitments, and will be replaced by his partner Gwen. And Graeme Brown joins the committee. The other members are unchanged – Desi (Chairman), Lindsay (Secretary), Melissa (Assistant Secretary), Dany (Public Relations Officer), David (Child Protection Officer), and Marie, Margaret and John A.

The non-committee posts are Billy (President), Ron, Dany, Paul and Bobby (Time keepers) and Richard (replacing Ron as Auditor).

Thanks to all who served the club in any way in 2013, and to those who volunteered to talk on jobs in 2014.

The club continues to be in good shape financially. There was a general desire to “invest in the membership”. Some specific ideas were assisting members with travel to open events, and a small subsidy on club clothing. The committee was asked to look at these options.

The tricky issue of insurance on club runs was also discussed. Dany had done a lot of research with Cycling Ireland, and looking at best practice in other clubs, and the club was appreciative of this. The meeting agreed that anyone taking part regularly in club runs should be insured, and that the club should also strongly recommend the use of helmets. However, it wasn’t clear how this guidance could best be documented or enforced. The committee will look at this and decide how best to proceed.

If you’ve any comments on how the club should spend its money, on club run insurance or on any other aspect of club life, please get in touch with any member of the (new) committee.