Club Competitions – the whats and hows

admin   October 25, 2013   Comments Off on Club Competitions – the whats and hows

Ards Cycling Club runs lots of club races during the year, and these count towards various club trophies and medal competitions. You may have seen the winners of some of the club competitions announced along with the club race results during the year. And you may have seen the list of this year’s medal winners on our Facebook page recently.

For many members, it is a bit of a mystery trying to understand what competitions we run, and how they are worked out, so we’ve added some new pages to the site to explain it all. Alternatively, follow the link to “Club Competitions” in the main menu bar above.

If you’ve any questions about this, or your own performances this year, please let us know and we’ll try our best to answer them.

And finally – a couple of the questions we received so far…

Question – has any one won 3 Super Golds?
Answer – yes, a small number of riders have achieved this. Perhaps most impressive was Jamie Hunter, who won his three in a single season back in the early ’90s before the advent of modern time trial bikes. More recently, Gareth Crowthers, Kirk Sloan and Michael Rowan have all won 3 super golds, and Ivan Robinson will win his third this year. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Martyn Irvine, who in spite of winning numerous medals are World, European and Irish level, has only managed to win 2 Ards CC Super Golds. Perhaps he will try to rectify this major gap in his palmares by taking part in the Champion of Champions 25 at some stage.

Question – how many medals are won each year?
Answer – this year 13 medals will be awarded, including 2 super golds. The number of medals awarded is a good indication of the health of the club, as it reflects the number of riders competing and improving. Thirteen is an increase on last year, backing up Dany’s claim that the club is on its way up!