Coronavirus Updates

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Update 8/8/2021 – Club runs are no longer restricted to 15 riders, but please keep it sensible and split up if the group is large. Club races are running every Tuesday evening, but you still need to enter in advance.

Update 13/4/2021 – Club runs, limited to 15 people will restart from this weekend (17th April) – click here for details. Club races are still suspended, but may resume from, 27th April.

Update 25/11/20 – As expected, Cycling Ulster has issued new guidelines ahead of the lockdown. This means club runs will be suspended for a couple of weeks. Members are encouraged to keep active during this period (either individually or in family groups)

Update 10/11/20 – limited club runs are now going out on Saturdays. Check facebook for details and how to register.

Update 6/10/20 – official club runs are still not sanctioned.

We ran a limited club race calendar from 21st July – click here for details, but official club runs are still not sanctioned.
Although some restrictions have now been lifted, club members are asked to behave responsibly, and not ride in close or large groups, or take unnecessary risks. 

With increasing Coronavirus restrictions, many cyclists will be worried about their mental health as well as their physical health. Club member Gideon Burrows offers some valuable advice. 

Hi, as a member of the Ards CC Mental Health committee, and someone who often suffers poor mental health myself, I’d like to offer cycling colleagues some links to help you if you’re feeling anxious, depressed, isolated or experiencing other mental health challenges in these extremely difficult times.

The Health and Social Care Boards have a wide range of contacts, published here:

Lifeline is an excellent phone helpline for those experiencing depression, suicidal tendencies, anxiety and other mental health issues:

If you are suffering, anxious or depressed, you don’t have to be isolated – there is the phone, messaging, helplines and friends to talk to. If we can’t chat on our usual club runs, don’t be afraid to connect with others here, by phone or messaging.

Don’t suffer. Ask for help. You won’t regret it. Keep well.