Christmas 10

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There was a good turnout at the Christmas 10 with 11 riders taking part, and many more helping out and enjoying the sunshine.

In good conditions, Ian Inglis (Black Rose) was 20 seconds faster than last year with 22:45, but he was still 50 seconds shy of Ryan Connor’s (Ballymena RC) event record of 21:55.

Club president James McFarland congratulates winner Ian Inglis

Alan Patterson (Ards CC), Keith Philips (Bikehouse) and Marc Allen (Ards CC) all recorded fast 24 minute times, while others where content to take things a bit easier.

  Name Club Time
1 Ian Inglis Black Rose 22:45
2 Alan Patterson Ards CC 24:00
3 Keith Philips Bikehouse 24:08
4 Marc Allen Ards CC 24:36
5 Michael Rowan Northern 26:07
6 Willy Gill Ards CC 26:57
7 Alan Rodgers Ards CC 28:14
8 Gillian Orr North Down 29:24
9 William Orr Ards CC 30:20
10 Steve Bishop Lincoln Whlrs 32:20
11 Alastair Martin Ards CC 33:57
Alan Patterson took second

Alan Patterson took second

Ards regular Keith Philips (Bike house) was third.

Ards regular Keith Philips (Bike house) was third.

Marc Allen took fourth

As is traditional at Christmas there was a chance to catch up with some old faces, and it was great to see Bobby Magreechan, Mike McConaghy, Jack Watson and Ron Martin.

And thanks as always to the marshals, pusher off and time keepers, and to Desi for refreshments.

Finally, as part of the club development plan, we’re reviewing the mix of club races we’ll be running next year. If you’ve any thoughts on the sort of events you’d like to take part in, please let Darren know. See you next season!

James has a quiet word with Alan Rodgers about his jumper.

Michael Rowan

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Steve Bishop’s disguise begins to slip… James has no such problem.

Thanks to Steve for time keeping

Desie retains his Christmas 10 “refreshments” franchise with a unanimous vote

The club is indebted again to media partner Dany (Belgian Project) for helping to promote our events.

Santa acting suspiciously….

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The low sun led to some long shadows, but the days are now on the turn!