Great handicapping at Orlock race

admin   July 16, 2019   Comments Off on Great handicapping at Orlock race

There was a high quality field for¬†tonight’s club road race at Orlock. The time keepers split them into just two groups, and gave the A3s a three and a half minute start over the A1/2 riders.

Both groups worked well, and the warm, windy evening and high speed took their toll with numerous retirements. The A1/2 survivors finally made it to the front with a couple of miles remaining, and in the drag up to the finish, Dave Watson (Bikehouse) got the win from James Ambrose (Bikehouse) and Luke Joyce (Kinning).

Gareth Conn (unattached) and Paul Ferguson (Bikehouse) filled the next two spots, with Marc Allen (Ards CC) rounding out the top six and taking maximum points in the Ards CC road race trophy competition. Barry Mitchell was the only other Ards CC finisher, and he’s now joint leader in the road race trophy with Marc.

  Name 7/5 Bal 28/5 Car 16/7 Orl 30/7 Car 13/8 Bal Total
1= Barry Mitchell 5 5 7 17
1= Mark Allen 7 10 17
3 Ricky Topping 3 10 13
4 Alan Patterson 10 10
5 Peter McLean 7 7

Thanks to the timekeepers, and to all the marshals and the lead motorbike for keeping the riders safe (and entertaining us with their cycling holiday stories).