Final 10k of the season

admin   August 25, 2015   Comments Off on Final 10k of the season

Heavy rain didn’t deter 23 riders from tackling the final 10k time trial of the season this evening, and they were rewarded with a low resistance road surface and a slight tailwind. Fastest was once again Mark Kane (Northern), although brother Paul is getting closer – just 11 seconds behind.

William Gill was fastest of the Ards riders, just edging out Mark Watson who has been improving steadily all season.

Chris Speers was first on handicap, and all 6 points scorers beat their previous personal bests. However, it was Peter Scott with 3rd place this time to add to his win on handicap in the last 10k, who takes the 10k handicap trophy this year.

It was great to see past chairman Bobby Magreechan down tonight helping with the pushing off. Thanks also to the time keepers Graeme, Bernard and Ron.

Name Club Time H/cap pts
1 Mark Kane Northern 12.3
2 Paul Kane Northern 12.41
3 Peter Morrison Northern 12.59
4 David Fowler Northern 13.00
5 John Rafferty North Down 13.08
6 Enda Marron Northern 13.16
7 Paul Crossan Killinchy CC 13.32
8 William Gill Ards CC 13.35
9 Mark Watson Ards CC 13.42
10 Mark Thomson North Down 13.54
11 Mark Hanna VCM 14.19
12 Chris Speers Ards CC 14.22 10
13 Peter Scott Ards CC 14.32 5
14 William Orr Ards CC 14.36
15 Paul Cunningham Ards CC 14.38 1
16 Joshua Porter Ards CC 14.46 7
17 Gillian Orr North Down 14.5
18 Michael Lyons Castlereagh 14.58
19 Brian Wylie Castlereagh 15.09
20 Alan Rodgers unattached 15.11
21 Alex Porter Ards CC 15.29 3
22 Colin Wilson Ards CC 15.36
23 John Arlow Ards CC 15.45 2