Request for assistance and patience…

admin   April 11, 2015   Comments Off on Request for assistance and patience…

It was great to see such a big turnout at the first club race, with 8 Ards riders taking part in their first ever cycling competition. However, this also led to some teething issues, with a long queue at sign on and an incorrect time due to mistaken identity at the finish. Apologies for that.

To try and smooth things out in the coming weeks, here are some suggestions.

  1. The biggest problem the time keepers face is trying to identify riders as they sprint for the finish line. So if each rider could get their start number from the time keeper at the start line, and then shout this number as they cross the finish line, that would really help.
  2. The latest Cycling Ireland guidance means we have to collect ICE (In Case of Emergency) details from each rider. This makes sense, but takes time, so if it’s your first event could you have your ICE details (your name and a contact number) written out in advance so that you can just hand them over? And remember, it needs to be a relative or friend’s contact number – giving us your own mobile number sort of defeats the point of it!
  3. And finally – we have a club rule that says all riders must use a flashing rear red light in club time trials. This is another safety improvement that we all agreed to at the AGM, so please don’t give the time keepers grief by not having one. Tour of Ards sponsors SeeSense do a great range 🙂

The average age of our time keepers (excluding young whippet Paul Robinson) is over 70. They appreciate a curly Hetchins (check out that lug work) over the latest Cervelo, and can probably remember a ride round Lough Neagh in the late ’70s more clearly than last week’s club race. So please bear with us. And any offers to help “spot” riders at the finish, or indeed to become a trainee time keeper, would be much appreciated. Thanks.